Do we have time to shift values?

Resource Author: Tom Crompton

An article that makes the case for motivating long-term pro-environmental behaviors by engaging the intrinsic values that people already hold, rather than shifting values themselves.
An article on why compartmentalizing environmental problems leads to inadequate solutions and why we need to re-examine how our values are shaped by society and in turn influence attitudes and behavior.
A report on why and how to engage an audience's intrinsic values through campaign design and communication strategies in order to motivate sustained concern about environmental challenges like climate change.
A report on the relationship between cultural values, attitudes and behaviors that examines how values shape public concern about global challenges (including the environment) and related political movements.
An article arguing for the environmental movement to promote environmentally beneficial aspects of identity at a societal level in order to create the systemic changes needed in response to today’s environmental challenges.
A report on the influence of cultural values on behavior and collective action on large-scale problems like global warming.