Communicating Flood Risks in a Changing Climate: 9 principles for promoting public engagement

Resource Author: Nick Pidgeon

Fierce winter weather has caused havoc across the UK, America, and many other nations. Although storms are an integral part of the winter months, recent flooding has left it’s mark on the national consciousness, leading the news agenda for weeks on end and causing disruption to thousands of people’s lives WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A...
A report by the Understanding Risk Research Group at Cardiff University explores public perceptions of climate change following a series of severe flooding events in the U.K. during the winter of 2013/2014. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK: The study looks at the relationship between direct personal experience with extreme weather events (such as winter...
A study that explores four dimensions of psychological distance – temporal, social, geographical and uncertainty – in relation to public concern about climate change, sustainable behaviors, and preparedness to act.
A study that identifies why a new model of science communication and interdisciplinary collaboration is necessary to convey the implications of climate change.
How the public conceptualizes climate change, responsibility for climate action, concern, risk communication and issue saliency.