100% for 100%: Climate Narrative & Movement Building Case Study

Resource Author: Meredith Herr

The Solutions Project teamed up with Climate Access to understand its role in shaping the future. The project focused on: How has it successfully influenced climate policy? What has it accomplished in partnership with frontline communities? Where could it make improvements to our approach? And, the BIG question: Is its “100% for 100%” message inspiring people from all walks of...
An analysis of significant public opinion trends on global warming that provides research-based communication and engagement recommendations.
A guide that distills global warming, behavior change, and communications research and practitioner expertise into tools and recommendations that climate leaders can easily apply.
Communications insights on engaging environmental supporters and recommendations on how to reframe global warming to promote behavior change.
A national segmentation study on American social values that identifies barriers to environmental engagement and offers communications approaches to mobilize support for environmental protection.