Americans’ Views on Environmental Regulations

Resource Author: Hart Research Associates

In December 2014 The Earth's Best Defense conducted a survey among American voters in five sates to examine their views on environmental regulations.
The majority of American voters support the final version of the Clean Power Plan two to one; 60% of voters favour the plan, while just 31% oppose it.  
The surveys of views on environmental regulations in five key electoral and presidential battleground states were conducted December 9-16, 2014 among likely 2016 voters in five states: Colorado, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire and Virginia.
Public opinion polling on American views of energy and environmental policy.
Polling results from a national survey conducted after President Obama’s climate speech in June 2013 showing strong support for his climate plan across all regions and political preferences as well as a growing concern about climate impacts. 
This report summarizes the results of a national survey on behalf of the Solar Energy Industries Association in regards to voter views regarding solar energy expansion and development.