Writing an Op-ed about the National Climate Assessment

Resource Author: Climate Nexus

Tips to keep in mind when writing and contributing op-eds on the final National Climate Assessment.
A fact sheet looking at the context for drought in California and how climate change is contributing to the drought.
A fact sheet that succinctly points out why it’s in our best economic interests to act on climate change now, and why doing it through the EPA is sensible. 
A quick guide to what it means when climate scientists say they are 95% certain that humans are mostly to blame for global temperature increases.
A one page fact sheet connecting the dots between climate change and the impacts from wildfires in the US.
An infographic that illustrates how climate change affects drought through earlier snowmelt, hotter temperatures, and altered wind and rain patterns.
A quick guide to 2012’s extreme weather records, including oppressive heat waves, precipitation, droughts, wildfires and storms, as well as the cost of these climate-related disasters.
The pilot episode of the Communicating Change webcast series features an interview with Ed Maibach, director of George Mason's Center for Climate Change Communication and co-chair of the Engagement & Communication Working Group of the National Climate Assessment Development and Advisory Committee, about communicating climate impacts.