The Preparation Frame

The Preparation Frame: A Guide to Building Understanding of Climate Impacts and Engagement in Solutions explores how to shift the climate conversation to a focus on preparing for and reducing the threat of climate disruption. The preparation frame is built around the fundamental challenges, choices, and opportunities we face in confronting climate disruption and puts people, prosperity, and security at the heart of the discussion. 
The guide's recommendations are based on trends in public opinion and the latest social science research, as well as tools and best practices from climate leaders who are already engaging communities in preparation efforts. 
The Preparation Frame's Eight Guiding Principles:

1. Focus on local, observable impacts

2. Begin with what audiences care about

3. Build on non-partisan values

4. Tap uncertainty as a reason to prepare

5. Emphasize the cost of inaction

6. Promote practical solutions 

7. Articulate what will get better if action is taken

8. Promote mitigation as a preparation strategy


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