Skeptical Uses of ‘Religion’ in Debate on Climate Change

Organization: The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media

An article which looks at religious language and how it affects the understanding of climate change, speficially addressing the idea of the global-warming-as-religion
An article on why many evangelical Christians are divided on the subject of climate change and the recent trends that indicate a growing concern about the moral implications of climate change within Christian communities, especially among younger evangelicals.
The story of a Crater Lake National Park ranger who shares his anxieties and challenges with speaking to park visitors about climate change and the five lessons he's learned through communications trainings and personal experience.   WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK: Anyone who's attempted to communicate with the public about climate change will recognize...
Commentary on a trend where climate scientists are engaging in conversations with those who are skeptical about climate change in an effort to diffuse the distrust and hostility that arises from ideological and political polarization.
A report on E&E Publishing's coverage of climate change and whether their model can fill the mainstream media gap.
Eli Kintisch, author of Hack the Planet (and Climate Access member) is rethinking how we present climate science by finding ways to tell the story of climate change through sculpture, design, video and graphic art.
An article on the reasons behind waning public concern about climate change and how the economy is influencing the White House's climate and energy messaging.
A review of the University of Michigan's Erb Institute/Union of Concerned Scientists seminar, "Increasing Public Understanding of Climate Risks and Choices: What We Can Learn from Social Science Research and Practice" that gathered leading climate communications experts. In the article, Bud Ward offers a rich commentary on the conference and includes a valuable list of...
By comparing "failed" and "successful" environmental campaigns, the article asserts that it is necessary to consider one's target audience when selecting messages and messengers. Jacqueline Stewart, an environmental studies major at George Washington University, asks whether extremist communication efforts help or hinder the environmental movement. She finds divergent communications recommendations from researchers, some who believe...