Local weather and climate concern

Organization: Nature Climate Change

The psychology of why people are more likely to believe in global warming when it’s hot outside. 
A study that examines the connection between pro-environmental behaviors and self interest, particularly in regards to what creates positive spillover between separate environmentally-friendly behaviors
A study that outlines six reasons why climate change poses moral challenges and six strategies to identify the problem as a moral imperative in order to motivate support for climate action and policies.
A study suggests that climate change deniers do not respond to fear as a motivator, but positive messages can shift views.
Research on motivating pro-environmental action and overcoming climate denial suggests that communicators should focus on how mitigation efforts can promote a better society through improved social, economic and technical conditions (i.e. job growth and community well-being), rather than primarily focusing on averting the risk of climate impacts.
A Yale survey finds that people with high levels of scientific literacy are more culturally polarized. The findings are consistent with the notion that climate change has become highly politicized, but divisions are due to worldviews not merely partisanship. Researchers tested two theories: 1. The "science comprehension thesis": individuals fail to take climate change seriously...
An examination of when and where climate models have appeared in US media, including political opinion outlets, and the ways they have been targeted by climate skeptics who question the validity of the projections.
A national survey looks at the economic and political question of whether Americans support a national clean energy standard and how much of a household electricity rate increase is politically feasible in Congress. Researchers from Harvard and Yale conducted a nationally representative survey to assess whether there's public support for a national clean energy standard...
A study that identifies why a new model of science communication and interdisciplinary collaboration is necessary to convey the implications of climate change.