The anatomy of denial: Why truth doesn’t always win

Organization: Grist

An opinion piece which suggests that journalists and climate messengers can counteract the "denialism playbook" by making a personal connection with an audience through demonstrating shared values and interests.
A series of responses to the most common arguments about global warming from climate skeptics organized into four categories: stages of denial, scientific topics, types of arguments, and level of sophistication.
An interview about how an environmental activist has reconsidered "hope" and "sustainability" and embraced a fatalistic view toward the future of the planet.
Naomi Klein explains her thesis that confronting climate change requires a radical shift in politics and the economy, as well as her political philosophy on the cultural worldviews that underlie why people accept or deny climate change. 
An opinion piece about the state of the climate movement that outlines four reasons behind the disconnect that exists between the urgency of the climate crisis and the public's response.