Perceptions of Community Resilience

Organization: George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication

Baltimore community residents have identified climate change as a significant problem over the next several years. This study outlines climate adaption initiatives to help plan for the future.  Download the report  
A survey of Maryland residents that investigates understanding of climate impacts and support for climate and energy policies. 
A survey of registered voters in the U.S. on their views on global warming and how political differences impact their views.
Half of Americans think that global warming is mostly human caused. This study examines the natural changes in the environments and the American view of climate change.
This survey was given to members of an African American physician’s association. Results show that members were likely to believe in climate change, say that it was affecting the health of their patients, and support climate action. It also confirms that doctors believe that climate change will disproportionately impact those who are already vulnerable. This...