The genesis of climate change activism: from key beliefs to political action

Organization: Climatic Change

An analysis of the effectiveness of efforts to increase citizen activism and engagement on climate change. 
Four suggestions for improving climate advocacy, drawn from an assessment of climate advocates, foundation representatives and academics: 1) Increase focus on medium and longer-term goals; 2) Start with people and not carbon; 3) Focus more on values and less on science; and 4) Evaluate what works and share what we learn.
A paper on the concept of "uncertainty" and how the IPCC can improve the way it frames and communicates uncertainty about climate change.
A journal article on how the factors that influence one's perception of risk, such as recent personal experience or an event's probability, affect risk management decisions and how the abstract and delayed nature of climate change fails to elicit visceral reactions.
This study describes how our mental models lead to biases when confronted with complex systems like climate and asserts that we need new modes of communication that include interactive simulations to convey risk. 
A study of strategic language choices and public perception that asked Americans to rate the seriousness of “global warming,” “climate change,” or “global climate change.” 
A study of highly educated adults that shows widespread misunderstanding  about the science and impacts climate change and a discussion of the need for education and communication between scientists and nonscientists.