Fingerprints Everywhere: Review and Analysis of Detection and Attribution Studies Identifying the Fingerprint of Climate Change in US and Global Trends and Events

Organization: Climate Signals

A report on the findings from a literature review and meta-analysis of studies that positively identify the fingerprint of human-caused climate change on observed trends and events.  Download the report
  Climate Change has been found to increase the frequency of extreme weather events and the duration of heat waves.   WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK:   The frequency of hot days and nights are expanding the length of the “hot” season and creating more risk to communities. This toolkit by Climate Signals shares tips...
Harvey’s record breaking storm tides demonstrates the effect of climate change. This report shares insights on sea level rise, land erosion, storm-surge damage, and flooding for coastal communities in Houston, Texas  
This article reviews Climate Signals’ national media briefing on how climate change has increased the risk for aging infrastructure in relation to the Oroville Dam spillway in February 2017.