Global Narratives of Climate Change

Organization: Climate Outreach - COIN

The Global Narratives initiative is helping develop climate change messaging in low-income countries by making high-quality research affordable. This report details the methodology used to build programs for organizations in India.
The European Perceptions of Climate Change study is comprised of four key energy producing nations in Europe; France, Germany, Norway, and the UK. The report summarizes the public’s perception of climate change and the plan to successfully transition to a low-carbon economy.
Climate Outreach summarizes its study on renewables and energy efficiency in the U.K. by making a series of recommendations to be taken forward by citizens that want to have productive conversations with the wider British public.   WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK: This report presents the findings of the first qualitative research in Britain...
A report by Climate Outreach and the European Perceptions of Climate Change Project at Cardiff University explores public perceptions of climate change and energy transition in Europe over the last two years.  WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK: The study looks at four different analyses of the participating nations in the EPCC; Germany, France, Norway, and...
Climate Outreach created this guide to provide practical guidance for climate communications inside and outside of faith communities. This research intends to find a language that works with each of the faiths.