Public Opinion on Energy, the Environment, and Climate

Organization: Center for American Progress

Center for American Progress explores how registered voters view energy and climate change. 
Extreme weather change exacerbated by the rise of global temperature is now the most visible and immediate concern for Americans in relation to climate change in the upcoming election.   
Public opinion polling on American views of energy and environmental policy.
The Center for American Progress purposes a plan linking infrastructure rehabilitation and resilience to address our climate, economic security, and community well-being – increasing the strength and prosperity of the nation. 
The Center for American Progress conducted an analysis of federal government spending on disaster relief from 2011-2013, but found that there is no comprehensive account of current costs of extreme weather and other climate change impacts. 
An infographic that illustrates the rise in federal disaster-relief expenditures amid extreme weather that is becoming more frequent and severe due to climate change, such as floods, storms, droughts, heat waves and wildfires.
A report from the Center for American Progress reviews the most damaging extreme weather events in the US over the past two years and how climate change is increasing their frequency and severity, as well as why middle- and lower-income Americans are disproportionately harmed by extreme weather. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK:   Hurricane...