Visuals Roundtable: Continuing the conversation

Our popular webinar "Visualizing Climate Impacts and Solutions" had a lot of really great tips for how to use visuals in your work and how to get them to resonate with your audience. 

Below, we will discuss some of the questions we didn't get to the Q&A as well as any other questions you might have. Our panelists Adam Corner from Climate Outreach and Jeff Cappella from Resource Media will be on hand to answer questions as well as the Climate Access team. 

Some questions we didn't have time to get to were: 

Has the research done by Climate Outreach and Resource Media observed a difference in the effectiveness of motivating audiences to address climate change through a lens of opportunity vs motivating through highlighting the negative impacts/risk of climate change?

As someone working in a non-profit, I find senior executives are more focused on the text in outreach rather than visuals. How can I better make the case to them that images are really important?

The Climate Outreach research showed that individuals driving in cars etc. didn't connect through to climate impacts for people, but images at scale did. Is that because the culprit there is an industry, rather than an individual? 

Climate Access members add your thoughts and comments below too.