Communications Handbook for IPCC scientists

Collection: Science

This handbook from Climate Outreach aims to help Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change authors, and the wider scientific community, effectively communicate about climate issues. It was commissioned by the IPCC (WG1 Technical Support Unit) to produce an evidence-based, practical communication tool tailored to close the gap between science and practice.  6 Principles of Communicating Climate...
Union of Concerned Scientists created a toolkit to help members and their local communities take action against threatening environmental issues in the current political climate. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK: The guide urges scientist and communities to engage with local decision makers to protect public health and the environment. UCS’ network is comprised of 20,000...
This article explores how the politicization of climate science has misled the public’s consensus on human-caused climate change.
Communications expert Susanne Moser discusses the progress in understanding how to effectively communicate about climate change by examining current challenges in the 21st century. 
In 2015 popular broadcasting stations in America spent less airtime covering climate related topics despite the increasing conversations surrounding climate change. 
Climate Outreach created this guide to provide practical guidance for climate communications inside and outside of faith communities. This research intends to find a language that works with each of the faiths.
A fact sheet about the temperature records the globe keeps hitting. 
A fact sheet outlining the ways ALEC attempts to delay action on climate. 
A series of fact sheets by the Climate Reality Project translating the findings for each region in the National Climate Assessment. Fact sheets are available for: Alaska, Hawaii, the Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, Southwest, Great Plains, and Southeast.