Climate Access Services

At Climate Access, we're sharing what works.

From presentations to customized hands-on workshops to online collaborative tools, we offer a wide variety of training programs and services.

With extensive experience in the field as both practitioners and authors of several leading guidebooks on climate communications and behavior change, we train government and nonprofit leaders in how to build public support for climate action. Contact us at or through our contact form for more information.

The following training programs are available as in-person workshops, teleconferences or webinars depending on your needs:

1. Climate Communications and Behavior Change Training

A guided process to understanding and overcoming the barriers to engagement on climate issues through the development of public engagement strategies based on audience interests, values and stages of change.

2. Communicating About Climate Impacts and Climate Adaptation

Participants learn how to engage the public in a conversation about what it will take to prepare for climate impacts. Public support for adaptation policies and programs is critical, and may help build a sense of efficacy on climate mitigation.

3. Ecological Worldviews and Environmental Engagement

Training sessions on how to apply social values to shape messaging and outreach programs, including how to use segmentation tools such as The Ecological Roadmap, which identified five key barriers to environmental engagement.

4. Public Narrative and Climate Change

While facts are critical, the key to effective communications is wrapping facts into a compelling story. Participants are led through a process of developing a set of narratives that can build interest and engagement in addressing climate change.

We also provide a variety of private discussion forum services through Climate Access:

1. Self-moderated Private Forum

A private discussion forum space for your group on the Climate Access site that enables participants to share confidential resources and collaborate through online conversations. Climate Access provides access to the password-protected space and supplies groups with the necessary tools for moderating the discussion threads and users-generated content.

2. Climate Access-moderated Private Forum

A private discussion forum on the Climate Access site moderated by the Climate Access team. We operate all content and user management features of the forum and provide a range of facilitation options including strategic recommendations, trainings and tailored content.

Contact us at or through our contact form for more information.

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