If you are interested in building climate communication and engagement practice in Canada we have new exciting opportunities and resources coming up. 

The national media has a major influence on policy-makers and influencers and plays a big role driving public debate. Our comprehensive analysis covers news stories from national print media sources published between January - March 2021, and covers key takeaways, frames and topics dominating the Canada’s climate conversation, messengers and recommendations for climate communicators.

Watch the webinar recording or check out the blog post for a high-level summary.

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Check out our new comprehensive report What do Canadians Really Think About Climate Change (and what’s holding us back)? that summarizes and translates more than 40 surveys published between 2019 and early 2021 and includes key trends and takeaways for climate communicators. Listen to the webinar recording to hear more on the topic from our panel of experts. 


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Over the next few months Climate Access will partner with the Climate Narratives Initiative to offer research, resources and training about climate communications in Canada, and convene practitioners around specific topics. 
Contact our Canadian Community Lead Maria Granados at to stay connected.



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