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Despite an overwhelming consensus within the scientific community, the substantial public doubt around the science is often cited as one of the biggest hurdles to popular support.Research has shown that if the public understands that there is a real scientific consensus around climate change, they are more likely to act on climate issues. While there have been strong voices contributing to advancing this conversation, we believe voices of the scientists are critically needed to help dispel confusion about the science. 

More Than Scientists is a new collaboration between climate scientists, advocates and the public launching this spring. We're building a collection of videos by scientists that tell the real-life personal thoughts, feelings, and stories from the front lines of research. By sharing their dreams and fears for the future, these scientists will help the public understand what climate change will mean for us, highlight the consensus among climate scientists, and invite the public to participate in the solutions through partnerships with leading climate campaigns. These videos foster a stronger personal connection between the public and scientists, leading to greater trust in their message. 

More Than Scientists is intended to be a service to the climate movement. The video content hosted on YouTube and at is available for use by climate campaigns. Our goal is to help wide-ranging campaigns leverage the scientists' authenticity and natural authority to move the public to action. We are not looking to duplicate efforts, only amplify them. For this reason, we are partnering with the range of organizations already doing excellent work and refer the general public to these organizations for involvement and resources. We hope to attract a diverse audience and will work to bring videos to a range of channels in hopes of reaching the widest possible viewership. We invite you to use the videos and to get in touch with questions and to discuss possible collaboration.

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