Resource Roundup: Attitudes, Impacts, Solutions and Tools

Resource Roundup: Attitudes, Impacts, Solutions and Tools

The Climate Access Resource Hub is a curated collection of climate-related communications and engagement research and public opinion trends (try saying that five times fast).  This impressive body of resources is no small amount of material, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting and useful resources published last year. Here are our highlights from 2014:

Climate and Energy Attitudes

The indispensable “Climate Change in the American Mind” poll series (from The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication) continues to spotlight climate change public opinion across the U.S. The October 2014 report looks at perceived risk, opinions on the role of government and support for climate policies.

Green for All’s survey “Climate Change and Communities of Color” shows increasing interest and concern about climate change among minority voters across the U.S., as well as optimism about the benefits of addressing the issue and a sense of moral obligation to take action.

Addressing Climate Impacts

ecoAmerica’s Beyond Storms and Droughts explores the psychological impacts of climate change, such as anxiety and grief following extreme weather events. The report offers ideas on how communities can combat the mental stress of a changing environment, from emphasizing the power of collective action to helping people interpret their experiences.

After the Floods: Communicating Climate Change Around Extreme Weather from George Marshall of the UK-based Climate Outreach & Information Network describes how extreme weather events can be teachable moments on climate and offers recommendations that focus on effective narratives and peer communication at a local level.
Communicating about Solutions

Clean Energy Canada’s Tracking the Energy Revolution illustrates how the clean energy transition is already underway and gathering momentum each year. The visually engaging report illustrates how institutions and individuals around the world are taking advantage of our renewable energy reality.

Climate Solutions for a Stronger America from Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions, Inc. is an updated version of their communications and engagement guide for leaders and citizens. The guide includes a messaging triangle as well as suggested responses to attacks from opponents.

Engagement Tools

Spitfire Strategies’ Planning to Win: The Just Enough Guide for Campaigners provides clear strategies for building effective advocacy campaigns. The recommendations are based on examples from the field and break the campaign planning process down into six stages of action.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Storytelling for Social Impact offers advice on how to use online storytelling techniques that connect with people’s shared values and emotions and encourage active dialogue, particularly on social media. 

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