Climate Access: 2,000 Members and Growing

Climate Access: 2,000 Members and Growing

This was an exciting week for the Climate Access team as we passed the 2,000 member mark when Toby Thaler of the Model Forest Policy Program joined the diverse network of nonprofit, government, and academic leaders from 43 countries working together to develop effective ways to partner with the public to create and promote solutions to climate disruption.

The Climate Access team is grateful for the numerous contributions members make to the network, including curating research and outreach guidance; sharing their expertise through blog posts and interviews; and participating in webinar discussions. Through these efforts, network members are helping one another solve outreach challenges and improve results. Our most recent problem-solving session, for example, featured Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light’s climate conversation campaign, which aims to mobilize support for clean energy polices.

Over the last two years as the Climate Access network has grown, we have been exposed to a wide range of innovative outreach efforts underway around the globe that help inspire us to keep Climate Access moving forward, such as Ian Mauro’s compelling multimedia climate impacts storytelling project in Atlantic Canada. 

While we will continue to focus on bridging from research to action, increasingly the Climate Access team will be tracking the efforts of our members to distill insights on the approaches and best practices that are worth amplifying.

Thanks to the members that have been with us since the start and to our fantastic advisory board.