About Climate Access

Individuals, institutions and organizations around the world are working to transform attitudes about climate change and close the gap between concern and action. But their efforts are hindered as climate practitioners struggle to stay on top of the latest research, evaluate which public engagement tools are most effective or coordinate with others to increase impact. Climate Access provides the knowledge that network practitioners need to take their communications to the next level.

Climate Access is a global network of climate and clean energy communicators, serving more than 2,000 members in 57 countries. Through Climate Access, members are connected to a diverse group of experts, cutting-edge research and proven techniques for mobilizing audiences to reduce emissions, prepare for impacts and support climate policies.  

Climate Access builds capacity through its:

Network: The Climate Access Network brings together climate practitioners across sectors, including policy makers, academics, campaigners, educators, health professionals and faith leaders. Members use this password-protected space to share best practices, collaborate between campaigns and develop rapid-response strategies at times of environmental crisis.

Research and analysis: Climate Access tracks current public opinion and social science research and translates them into key trends, public engagement tools and new framing approaches. Our tip sheets and resources help turn complex ideas into winning strategies for climate communicators.

Trainings and events: Offered online and in person, our workshops allow climate practitioners to learn directly from top thinkers in the field. Participants are encouraged to problem solve collectively and walk away with practical advice for overcoming common challenges.

Since 2011, Climate Access has empowered climate practitioners to showcase the benefits of taking action and engage audiences as key players in responding to global warming. We’re helping move the conversation from a debate about science to one focused on local impacts and innovative solutions, where governments, businesses and individuals are all part of the shift towards sustainable, low-carbon communities.

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Climate Access is a not-for-profit organization managed by a team of experts in environmental communications and research. Our work is made possible thanks to the support of the Foundation for National Progress, as well as many other partners and supporters